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Marymount University Baseball Developmental Program



The Developmental program will provide competition opportunities for players that may not be ready to play for our Varsity team and/or would benefit by increased playing time. We use a system similar to the professional baseball model of “Major League” (Varsity) and “AAA” (Developmental) levels. As players demonstrate improvement, they can be promoted from Developmental to Varsity competition. Likewise, on a limited basis and within NCAA rules, Varsity players in need of adjustments could participate in a Developmental (JV) game. Our primary goal for the Developmental program is to create a “feeder system” within our program, where we develop the future stars on our Varsity squad! 

Roster Size:

ALL players will be on one roster and practice together throughout the year. We expect that our overall roster will be maintained between 45-50 players in any given year. In the fall, our overall roster will be broken into three teams for the purpose of competing in intra-squad games. 

Schedule: 2022 Developmental Program Schedule

In addition to a full Varsity schedule, our Developmental program will provide for an additional 8-15 Junior Varsity (JV) games. Opponents will be other collegiate JV teams (both locally and during our spring break trip) and Junior College programs. Considering the quality of surrounding Junior College programs, our Developmental/JV game schedule promises to be extremely challenging. 

Coaching Staff:

Due to the size of our overall roster, we have added a full-time assistant coach to our baseball program. Including the full-time assistant, we plan to have enough qualified coaches to keep our player to coach ratio at an appropriate level.